Beards, Beers & Battle Scars

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Jan 7, 2018 - Aug 4, 2018

Beards, Beers & Battle Scars

January 7 – August 4 

Join Off Colored DiscussionsBearded Sinners Beard Club of NH, and Veterans Count for an 8-month beard competition! Throughout the 8-months, three events will be held: The Clean Shave, N64 Mario Kart Tournament, and the Summer Sizzler (details about each event will be provided below, as they are available).

15 participants signed up for an awesome 8-months of beard growing! Handsome Devil’s provided all of our guys with a clean shave to get them ready for their journey! Each month we will update the photos below, to show each participants progress! You can support your FAVORITE guy(s) by voting below – see the form below to vote!

Event Apparel

Join our bearded friends with your very own Beards, Beers & Battles Scars t-shirt!
$20/shirt – Quantities are limited!
You can order your shirt below.

Other Events

Summer Sizzler – Saturday, August 4


Votes will determine the Fan Favorite beard, and judges will determine the best beard under 6″ and the best beard over 6″.


Not a contestant, but want to support your favorite beard? VOTE for him! Each vote is $5! Votes will determine the FAN FAVORITE beard! Please fill out the form below the photos to cast your vote!

Fan Favorite as of 6/25/18 

  • Jim M. – $150
  • Dave M. -$125
  • Iggy F. – $60
  • Dan – $60
  • Joe B. – $60
  • Jeff R. – $50
  • Keith D. – $30
  • Stephen M. – $30
  • Ryan H. – $25
  • Phil R. – $10
  • Cameron – $10

Vote for your favorite guy or guys below:

  • Voting

  • Price: $5.00 Quantity:
    Each vote is $5. Please enter the number of votes you would like to case. Please note that if you pay for multiple votes, you CAN select multiple participants to support below.
  • For each $5 vote above, you may vote for one participant. Please enter the name of the participant(s) below that you wish to support. (Ex. If you paid $5 you would enter one name. If you paid $20 you can enter all of your votes for one person, or split them up - 2 votes for Jim M. and 2 votes for Joe B.).
  • Event Apparel

  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Billing Information

    Please enter the following information that is associated with the credit card being used.
  • Military Service

  • Ex. 1960-1962
  • $0.00
  • Please note that Veterans Count is a fundraising program of Easterseals NH. You will now proceed to the Easterseals NH PayPal account. Here you will enter your credit card information to complete your transaction.


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