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The Birthday of the U.S. Army

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Dear Friends,


243 years ago today, June 14, 1775, the Continental Congress, at the urging of John Adams from Massachusetts (which at the time was part of Maine), allocated 2 million dollars to form 10 companies of riflemen from across the colonies to support militias that were already engaged with British forces around Boston and New York. This day has been recognized as the founding of the U.S. Army. General Washington took command of our Army the following day, with orders from Congress to “take charge of the Army of the United Colonies.” On that day, nearly 15,000 men became the first in a long line of patriots to call themselves American Soldiers.


Today our Army is over a million strong with men and women from across the country serving in locations across the globe. They perform missions that are as diverse as the background of the men and women who perform them. When they return home they suffer issues that are increasingly complex, PTSD, tramatic brain injuries, homelessness, and suicide are just some of the issues facing Veterans across our contry and here in Maine.


In his farewell orders to the Continental Army, General Washington told his troops to “carry with them into civil society the most conciliating dispositions” and to “prove themselves not less virtuous and useful citizens than they have been persevering and victorious as soldiers.” At Easterseals and Veterans Count we believe that together, we can work to seek a society in which every Veteran is included and valued for who they are, for what they have given, and most importantly what they have left to give.


We know that every Veteran is capable of leading a successful life. Some need a hand-up to get there and we can’t do it without your support- with every success story, there are two more Veterans walking in the door.  As our successes grow, so does our need. These are hard problems, but they are solvable problems.


Please vist to learn how you can be part of the solution.


Happy 243rd Birthday to the U.S. Army- “This We’ll Defend!”

Joe Reagan

Senior Director of Development

Easterseals Maine

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