Easterseals Announces Maine Closure


Effective December 31, 2021, Easterseals will cease all operations in Maine. After a thorough review of our Northern New England affiliates this past year, including New Hampshire and Vermont, we have made the difficult decision to end service delivery in Maine and several other divisions.


In exiting Maine, we are following through on a year-long strategic planning process that revealed the need to deploy resources differently for the long-term sustainability of our agency. The decision was not made lightly, as we have served Maine for over a decade. We are grateful for all of the community partners, donors, and staff who have supported us over the years.


The well-being of our clients during this transition is paramount. We are exploring all options to ensure the people in our care are connected to other providers before the year’s end. Additionally, we are working with Maine employees to help them pursue and secure other opportunities.


We are not accepting clients into Maine programs at this time. If you seek assistance for yourself or a loved one, we recommend you contact one of the following organizations:


Veterans Inc – HVRP –


Health Affiliates of Maine – CIS 1.207.333.3278 or info@healthaffiliatesmaine.com


American Legion – VEFAP  legionme@mainelegion.org