Help us give a Hand Up for Heroes.

What is the Hand Up for Heroes?  It is an affordable way for you maximize your impact helping Maine’s Veterans year-round.  With a sustaining gift, you can make sure Maine’s military members and their families do not have to face serious issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, or unemployment.  Because with a monthly donation- you can save multiple lives.  Local lives of Maine heroes who once served, or currently serve, to protect our country’s freedom.

You can register to give a Hand Up for Heroes at the bottom of this page.

You’ve heard the proverb about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish.  At Veterans Count Maine, Veterans are helped with an immediate, emergent financial need and then are helped to create a plan for sustainability, helping to enable them to become self- sufficient again.

Why give a hand up to Heroes?  There are a lot of Maine Veterans in need and Veterans Count does most of its work in small amounts where a Veteran just needs a tank of gas, some heating oil or a car repair to give them a “Hand Up” to help them to a better stage in life.  Your gift ensures that Veterans Count can provide that service where other agencies can’t.

In one of countless examples we have here at Veterans Count Maine, a Veteran needed just $5 to get a permit he needed to begin working.  Just $5, but for this Veteran it may as well have been five thousand.  With Veterans Count’s help, this Veteran is now on a track for success.  Because of support from people like you.

More recently, we helped a Maine Vietnam Veteran to get a scooter so that he was no longer limited by his mobility.  He’s now looking forward to trips with family and getting back to one of his favorite activities- fishing. This also was possible thanks to a hand-up from people like you.

Many of the Veterans we serve are at their lowest point with no where else to go.  Please help us meet this ever growing need to serve our military members and their families.  All donations made in Maine will remain here in Maine to serve our local community.  Serving statewide, a donation made to Veterans Count Maine to give Heroes a Hand-Up can make a wide-reaching, lasting impact on so many Maine Veterans.  Thank you for considering this support to empower Veterans here in Maine.