1- Bob, a 34 year old veteran of Iraqi Freedom, recently fled an unsafe situation and was staying in a campground with his elementary-age child. Working with Preble Street Veteran Housing Services, the family was housed within 48 hours of initial contact. The office’s non-perishable food exchange provided the family with a week’s supply of food and basic toiletries. The Veteran has also been enrolled in the Veteran Administration’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. The Veteran is currently working with our employment specialist to look for work while simultaneously exploring the local colleges and universities for the right program.

2- When Veterans come to us at ESME Military & Veterans’ Services, many of them are suffering with severe mental and physical disabilities. Many of these disabilities change the way our Veterans interact with the people in their closest support systems creating fractured relationships with parents, spouses, children & friends. Usually, our Veteran clients are at one of the lowest points in their lives when we first meet with them. Our culture at ESME is not just based on helping our veterans to connect to the resources they may need, but to re-establish a system of support the client has lost. Upon discharge, ESME states to all clients that if they need our support again, please, reach out for that support.

Recently, one of our former Veteran clients did reach out for ESME support.  He has a current diagnosis of severe PTSD. Due to the many social complications associated with PTSD he has lost most of his support system. He asked his ESME former Care Coordinator if she would help him to locate legal resources, and he asked if his Care Coordinator would accompany him to his upcoming divorce proceedings as part of a support system with his mother. ESME Military & Vets Care Coordinator accompanied our client and his mother to court and provided our client the needed support during this trying time.

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3- Due to depression and high anxiety, a ESME client and veteran was struggling to communicate with their landlord regarding accommodations needed surrounding their disabilities. ESME was able to manage this client’s anxieties and create positive communication among the client, their providers, and the landlord alike. With proper communication and patience, this veteran’s accommodations were eventually met and anxieties lessened.

4- Matt’s Story

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