Portsmouth Regional Hospital Car Show Raises $4,500 for Veterans Count

By September 13, 2017 November 27th, 2018 In the News

With more than 200 cars and 350 people in attendance, Portsmouth Regional Hospital’s third annual car show on Sunday raised more than $4,500, all of which is being donated to Veterans Count.

“Our Employee Advisory Group organizes the car show each year, and each year it just gets better and better. It’s a privilege for our employees to serve and support the Veterans Count organization,” said Dean Carucci, CEO of Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

In 2006, Veterans Count was developed in partnership with Easterseals New Hampshire, the New Hampshire National Guard and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

The program provides critical resources to veterans and their families.

Since the program was launched, Veterans Count has distributed $2.6 million to help veterans afford food, home maintenance, housing, rent, utilities, vehicle repair, gasoline, medical bills and child care.

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