Seacoast Chapter

Inspired by the success of other Veterans Count chapters throughout the state, dedicated volunteers and business leaders from the Seacoast came together in 2012 to form the Veterans Count Seacoast Chapter. Collectively, they picked up the gauntlet of success that had been thrown down by their counterparts in other chapters. A combination of large-scale, high-end events combined with a number of creative and community-engaging fundraising efforts have earned the members of this chapter a reputation of being able to get the job done for veterans, services members, and their families. They continuously seek new methods of raising money for and awareness of the challenges faced by veterans, service members, and their families.

Chapter Members

Andrew Guyton, Chair
Debra Grott, Vice Chair
Jensen Basenberg, Fundraising Chair
Jeff Chidester
Rick Courtemanche
Bryan Curley
Ryan Daly
Mark Donaldson
Eddie Edwards
Zack Gage
Richard Hartley
Joel Johnson
Christopher Lucas
Travers Luker
Rick Mason
Ryan Plummer
Denise Poulos
Adam Wagner

Upcoming Events

View our full list of upcoming events here.

Check out our photos from events hosted by the Seacoast Chapter.