Make a Sustaining Donation

Being a monthly donor means your donation will make it possible for a service member, veteran or family member, to turn to us for help:

  • $7.95/month | $95.40 yearly – Pays for cell phone minutes, so veterans and family members can connect with much-needed services and providers.
  • $10/month | $120 yearly – Covers one month of an electric bill to help keep the lights on
  • $25/month | $300 yearly – Supports a two night hotel stay for a soldier waiting on permanent housing
  • $50/month | $600 yearly – Relates to a month worth of groceries for a family of 4
  • $100/month | $1,200 yearly – Supports the average case for a care coordinator to assist in offering a hand up
  • $225/month | $2,700 yearly – Pays for car repairs for 3 veterans so they can get to and from work

90% of net dollars raised for Veterans Count is spent to provide services and grow resources for New Hampshire service members, veterans and their families.

Support New Hampshire service members, veterans and their families!