Our Story

soldiers-readingIt Began with this Question: “How Can We Help Service Members and Their Families?”

In 2007, an Easterseals NH Board Member sought to bring comprehensive emergency aid to veterans and their families whose quality of life was significantly impacted by deployment to war zones, and Veterans Count was born.

As the leading model in New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and Vermont, Veterans Count expanded to Rhode Island to honor those who have served, and those who continue to serve! Veterans Count cuts through the red tape to provide critical and timely financial assistance and access to services when no other resource is available.

The goal of Veterans Count is to raise funds to provide services through Care Coordinators.

Easterseals developed a Care Coordination model centered on highly skilled clinicians meeting one-on-one with service members and their families to address critical issues while building trust and working toward developing long-term self-sufficiency. Care Coordinators will provide assistance in terms of food, shelter, transportation and mental health intervention. Once a trusting relationship was established, Care Coordinators are then able to address deeper issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sustainable employment, and long-term housing.

Critical to the services provided by Care Coordinators were the philanthropic funds, which directly address emergency needs while providing a conduit for Care Coordinators to assist veterans and service members with more chronic and entrenched challenges.

As Easterseals Military & Veterans Services began to execute its mission, it became clear that more community assistance and fundraising was needed to provide adequate aid. Federal, local and national grants provided for the training and services of Care Coordinators. Yet, the need for additional funding for basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, etc. was apparent. A task force comprised of business leaders was developed and Veterans Count was formed.

Veterans Count has received the highest praise and support from our national and local elected officials and is viewed as a comprehensive and successful model to emulate throughout the country. As more and more service members and their families continue to struggle with the challenges of multiple deployments, the need to provide support continues to grow.