Lakes Region Chapter - Veterans Count

Lakes Region Chapter

In 2014, a group of dedicated volunteers in the Lakes Region led by Cynthia Makris, Ken Lull, and Tim Callahan gathered community leaders to get the ball rolling to launch a new chapter of Veterans Count! Makris, owner of the Naswa Resort in Laconia, remarked, “It’s a beautiful thing when the legacy of a WWII Marine, Peter Makris, is able to help fellow veterans in New Hampshire today. I was honored to start the Peter Makris Memorial Run in 2007 to continue my father’s spirit of giving back to his beloved community and fellow veterans. Starting a Lakes Region Chapter of Veterans Count made a lot of sense. There are so many giving and generous people living in the Lakes Region year round and seasonally who care deeply about our veterans and their needs. We are excited to be the newest chapter of Veterans Count in New Hampshire!”

At the first Veterans Count Lakes Region Chapter Meeting, Siddartha Sosa Rodriguez, an Airman for the NH Air National Guard, spoke to the members about the struggles he had reintegrating back into his community after returning from deployment to the Middle East in 2009. Since connecting with Veterans Count, he has secured a stable living environment, gotten married, completed his bachelor’s degree in psychology, and completed his Master’s degree. He credits Veterans Count with helping him achieve his goals and become the person he is today. The Lakes Region Chapter of Veterans Count, through the works of the dedicated members, is changing the lives of veterans like Siddartha who served our country and deserve to thrive in their community.

Lakes Region Chapter Members

  • Tim Callahan, Chair
  • Cynthia Makris, Vice Chair
  • Tom McCoy, Secretary
  • Camile Bachry
  • Starr Lawton
  • Bob Litterst
  • Jane Love
  • Chuck McGee
  • Gayle Miller
  • Karen Miltner
  • Kurt Muhlfelder
  • Joyce Murphy
  • Bob Snyder
  • R. Bruce Wilson
A table nicely set up for the 2023 Veterans Count Salute our Soldiers Event.

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