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Local Veteran Set to Receive iBOT® Donation

Local veteran set to receive innovative personal mobility device

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Manchester, NH, January 3, 2022 – A local veteran who is disabled will soon receive a state-of-the-art iBOT® Personal Mobility device (“iBOT® PMD”) thanks to a generous Veterans Count donor and assistance from the device’s manufacturer, Manchester-based Mobius Mobility.

Mike Moran, who served almost 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, has been using a manual wheelchair for the last 14 years.  The iBOT® PMD will open new opportunities for mobility, travel, and independence for the 51-year-old. He will soon be able to climb up and down curbs, traverse all matter of terrain, ascend and descend stairs, and again experience life at a standing height. The multi-modal iBOT® PMD is manufactured in Manchester, NH and distributed nationwide.

The iBOT® Moran will receive is one of five that were donated to Veterans Count at its On The Tarmac fundraiser in September 2021.

“We are grateful to the generous donors who have stepped up to help New Hampshire veterans with disabilities improve their mobility and independence,” said Kathy Flynn, Senior Director of Development for Veterans Count. “We are still taking requests for the remaining four iBOT®donations, and we encourage veterans to inquire. This is a life-changing device, and we can help you get it.”

Veterans Count and Mobius Mobility worked together to help Moran secure the prescription and other documentation he needed to qualify for the iBOT® PMD, and to schedule his training.

“Mobius Mobility is thrilled to have such a close, working partnership with Veterans Count,” said Mobius CEO Lucas Merrow. “Our two organizations share a common goal of ensuring the dignity, health, and wellbeing of New Hampshire’s veterans. The support of Veterans Count has been crucial to our ability to meet this goal, by providing iBOT®  PMD’s to veterans with disabilities who need them.”

Moran will receive his iBOT® and special training from Mobius Mobility later this month.

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About Mobius Mobility

Mobius Mobility manufactures and distributes the iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (“iBOT® PMD”), a breakthrough product for people with disabilities. The iBOT® PMD is a fully robotic, multi-modal mobility device that provides users with increased mobility and independence in rural, suburban and urban settings. In one device, iBOT® PMD users can climb curbs and stairs, traverse  sand, snow, mud and other terrain, and interact with the world at eye level. Mobius Mobility is based in the historic millyard of Manchester, New Hampshire where it also manufactures the iBOT® PMD.